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South Santa Barbara County Sales – May 2016

The summer selling season has started…

The number of closed sales in May 2016 was lower than 2015, but on par with 2014 closed sales figures.  With regard to sales prices (a number we all like to know!) we saw almost no change over May of last year for the area as a whole.  Keep in mind though that these numbers are based on monthly figures, compared to the previous year’s monthly figures…so a few good or bad sales can skew the numbers some.  There was a 5% increase in the median home price in Goleta, which most buyers and sellers would agree with, when you consider list and sales prices of current homes.  The overall impression is the market is still doing well (at the moment), with sales and prices strong and interest rates low.

See graphs here for detailed information:

CORT Price Report 5-16 May 2016 Cort graph

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