Do you work for a local company that belongs to Coastal Housing Partnership? If so, you qualify for a rebate/discount on my Realtor fees, property inspection fees and loan fees!

Coastal Housing Partnership benefits can help you overcome some of the common obstacles to homeownership. As a Coastal Housing member employee, you are eligible to save money when purchasing a home, refinancing a mortgage, or leasing a new apartment.

The network of Coastal Housing Partnership service partners is on your side, teaming with you to help achieve the dream of home ownership. There are no hidden or additional fees to take advantage of these services. You have access to help—education, contributions, benefits—and most importantly, professional and individual attention that can transform a daunting experience into one that is easy to understand and navigate with confidence.

As a non-profit, values-driven network of professionals, you can depend on:

Personal service at the heart of every transaction whether you’re a first time or experienced home buyer, new or established member of the community.

Confidence that the people in our approved network of providers have your best interest in mind.

Objective guidance, education, and support for all eligible member employees regardless of income, education, or career path.

Savings, credits, and various contributions by network partners to help lower the cost of purchasing or leasing your home or apartment.

Check out their website online at to see if you qualify!